Never Done Farm

Horse Boarding & Ski Joring

What is ski joring?

It is a unique combination of the Wild West and extreme alpine snow skiing.  Cowboys saddle up, skiers buckle in and grab a hold of a 33 foot rope and hold on for dear life as Cowboy and Horse run full speed down an 800 foot course complete with  jumps, gates and jousting rings to maneuver around all while traveling at speeds of around 40 mph and dodging ice and snow thrown up from the horse’s feet.

Join us in February on the 9th and 10th at Parlin Field Airport, Newport, NH for a nationally sanctioned ski joring event.

For more information check out NESJA's website at:


Want to Learn How to Skijor? We give lessons to both rider and skier here at the farm

We have 1 1/2 hour Private, Semi-Private and Group lessons

Course Outline:

- Introduction, history of ski joring

- Equipment for horse and skier

- Techniques for running the course, taking the jumps and spearing the rings

- Competition Rules

- Free time to practice running the race course

For more information on available times and cost email us

[email protected]