4 Common Types of Pet Accommodations

There are many rules for owning and operating pet residences: residences only for dogs, for dogs and cats, for exotic animals, or residences for all types of pets (birds, rodents, dogs, cats, etc.). Therefore, having a pet, of whatever type, and having to be absent from the home, is no longer a problem for the owners of these animals.

Within this typology, we find four large groups of residences for pets: nurseries-residences, properly so-called, hotels for pets, luxury resorts, and kangaroos for pets, an alternative that has more and more followers.

1.      Nurseries – Residences

These accommodations usually have a large area of ​​fenced land for the enjoyment of the dogs, although, the animals are usually caged most of the time in their respective kennels (not always individual).

The best residences offer your pet an individualized treatment, walk it three or more times a day, have a veterinary service and 24-hour surveillance, and can even offer the delivery and collection service of the animal to make things easier for the client.

2.      Hotels for Pets

For a slightly higher price, they offer guests qualities typical of a 3 or 4-star hotel for people. Thus, some have rooms with heating in winter and air conditioning in summer, personalized treatment, individual rooms of more than 30 square meters, hairdressing services, health and beauty treatments, music therapy, two daily intakes of high-end feed, and veterinary attention in any circumstance.

3.      Luxury Resorts

Only for the high aristocracy of pets. We are facing high luxury establishments designed solely to give our pets a life of a billionaire. Rooms with beds, bathtubs, television, and even a webcam to be able to see at any time how the separation is being carried out. Some have mineral water pools, water parks, a spa, gym, air conditioning, private patios, and even a photographic studio, and their services include manicures. A room in these luxury hotels can cost over $100 per night, so it is not an option within the reach of all budgets.

4.      Cats and Dogs

A novel alternative to residences when neither you nor anyone around you can take care of your pet for a certain period of time. Professional caregivers with extensive experience in pets offer their services to take care of your dog or cat during your absence. During that time, they take care of your pet as if it were their own and, above all, they offer an environment much more similar to that of their home, away from the fanfare of luxury resorts.

On the Internet, there are web pages that serve as a link between owners and babysitters, and that allows the former to know the opinions of other users, review the profiles of the caregivers, and carry out geographical searches to choose the one that best suits their needs.

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