5 Mistakes When Raising A Puppy

Although we want everything to be wonderful with a new puppy, the truth is that educating him is not an easy task. Here we will comment on 5 mistakes related to the education of your pet.

When we have a puppy at home, many doubts can arise about its creation, especially if it is our first pet. The way to feed him, control his temper or teach him to go to the bathroom is some of the aspects that turn our thoughts. While we always want the best, we can inadvertently make mistakes when raising a puppy.

1.      What Mistakes Can Be Made When Raising A Puppy?

When it comes to teaching a dog, there are many mistakes we can make, from the way we give orders to excessive consent, without realizing that we harm the animal and hinder its learning.

2.      Punishment, is one of the most common mistakes when raising a puppy

When training a dog, you probably think that punishments and scolding have a positive impact on them, and while it is still a widely used technique, it has been proven to be harmful. It’s not good to scold a puppy and even worse is to scold him at the wrong time, because that way we can only make him afraid of us without understanding what’s happening.

3.      Lack of socialization

One of the most harmful mistakes when raising a puppy is not socializing it. The period of socialization in dogs varies depending on breeds and individuals. However, it usually occurs between 21 days and around 13 weeks of age. It is a crucial stage, in which typical behaviors of the species have been acquired that mark the social behavior of the individual.

4.      Being impatient and inconsistent when training your puppy

Dogs are not human and do not understand our language, so it will not be easy to achieve good behavior. The path can be long as it is not reached the first time. Thus, we can get impatient and fail to maintain a firm posture and regular routines, which results in a mistake when teaching a puppy, affecting their behavior and making the situation worse.

5.      Not respecting the puppy

The dog is an animal with its own needs and personality, therefore, we cannot interfere in its activities. For example, waking him up when he is sleeping, disturbing him when he is relieving himself, or eating. It is convenient that he has his time and space, so as not to alter his development, both physical and psychological.

Lack of exercise

Another very common mistake when it comes to training a dog is ignoring its need for exercise. Thus, he only accumulates energies that generate bad behavior. In addition, physical activity, such as a walk or play, relaxes the puppy and makes him happy. A happy animal will be easier to handle and therefore easier to teach.

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