Is a Golden Retriever The Right Dog For Us?

Have you ever thought of owning a Golden Retriever? If you haven’t, you might want to think about getting one soon enough. Yes, there are many dog breeds out there, but Golden Retrievers are one of the best dogs to own. So what makes them so outstanding? Here are some incredible reasons to own one of these fine dog breeds.


1.  They are irresistibly adorable


The first thing to notice about these dogs is their amazing coat. They have a bright yellow coat that makes them astonishingly beautiful. They are known as one of the top dogs that have appealing looks. They have nice brown eyes and a friendly face that anyone would love to have as a pet.


2.  They are loving and loyal


Some dog breeds might have a not-so-friendly temperament. In this case, they may not behave so well if they are irritated or bored. On the other hand, Golden Retrievers will have tones of love for you, regardless of the time of the day. They show their love in everything they do. The dog will greet you as you enter the house, sit at your feet as you watch the TV, or try cheering you up when you are under the weather.


3.  They can give you a good laugh


Well, don’t expect to start laughing when the dog barks or laughing at a joke they make. That is just impossible. However, these dogs can bring laughter to your life by the way they play around, and their natural way of life. You can just laugh at how they behave around the house and act innocent when you call them.


4.  They are the best training/workout buddies


If you ever wanted a dog that can accompany you in the morning to run or walk, this dog is for you. They are highly energetic, and they can run and walk for some miles without wearing out. Furthermore, they are easy to train, which gives you an easy time when teaching him a few tricks.


5.  They are large but gentle


A full-grown Trained Golden Retriever can be huge, but they still possess one of the humblest temperaments. These dogs are gentle, and you can trust them around your babies without any worry of injuries to the child.


Above all, Golden Retrievers are brave and overly protective. It is just fun and a great experience to own one of these dogs. Shadalane stands among the best California Golden Retrievers breeders that have a range of puppies for you to choose the one that suits your preferences. They are also highly educated about the dog breed.