Our Activities

Do you like horses and want to learn or practice horseback riding? The Never Done Horse Farm Training, created in 2014 in Texas in the Nord department, is a formidable sports complex. It is open 7 days a week and all year round. It has a top-of-the-range infrastructure that can allow you to learn and practice horse riding in good conditions. With qualified professionals, the regional center offers individual and group lessons, school internships, galloping, horse boarding, and courses for disabled people.

The Never Done Horse Farm Training in Texas offers several activities related to horses and ponies: boarding, dressage, horse ball, jumping, ethology, archery, and baby pony.

Riding Stables in Serfaus - DarrehofHorse Boarding: Accommodation for Your Horse

Finding adequate accommodation for your horse can sometimes be difficult. The selection criteria are indeed often strict because riders are looking for – and that’s normal! – the best for their mount. In our equestrian center, we only collaborate with people who have extensive and precise knowledge of your animal.

Thus, our teams will know how to take care of the horses that you entrust to them, paying careful attention to their differences and their specific needs. They know that each horse is unique and deserves a personalized follow-up. Therefore, you can entrust your horses to us with complete peace of mind. The equestrian pension consists of several boxes for horses so that each horse has its own space.

Horse Horses Dressage - Free photo on PixabayHorse Dressage: Horse and learning

It is not possible to teach an animal new thing under duress. The animal must in fact not feel threatened. Indispensable, dressage is an activity that gives rise to communication between a horse and its rider.

For a beginner, this is the first discipline to practice and which will experience changes throughout his exercise, whether it be the gestures to adopt or the attitudes. The goal? Get the animal’s full attention.

The Different Methods

Several methodologies exist. Each of them details procedures with specific steps and results to be achieved. There are several schools. By way of example, we can cite ethological riding, clicker training. There is no one method better than another. Each horse and each rider is different, count on our teams specialized in horse training – in Texas to establish the most suitable training.

Note that training also helps develop certain qualities of the animal, and in particular its elegance. There are also competitions dedicated to this particularity which allow the evolution of the horse to be evaluated.

Rothesay Horse Jumping | ufopilot | FlickrJumping: Precision, Speed, and Confidence

Horse riding involves many disciplines. Among them, the showjumping course, also called Jumping, is certainly one of the most famous. This discipline is accessible to all ages with the appropriate frame.


When the bell rings for the start of the obstacle course, the rider and his mount become one. It is necessary to combine the precision of the course and curves, control of the speed according to the profile of the obstacle, and above all confidence.

Free Images - SnappyGoat.com- bestof:horse girl friendsEquine Ethology: Better Understand Your Horse

The term ethological riding refers to a new way of educating your horse, based on its nature and character. The relationship of trust that must exist between the rider and the animal is at the center of the training.

Our team of professionals will teach you how to better guide your horse and ensure mutual security. At the end of your “horse ethology” training, you will be able to better observe, analyze and adapt to your horse’s behavior, for better communication and the development of natural respect.